Do you know in your bones it’s time to answer the call to serve yourself and others more authentically?

Quantum Human Design is here to help you make clear decisions for your life, show you exactly how to embody your power, and build a thriving coaching practice!

Confusion trips you up because decisions are hard! After all, you’re only trying to make 7,873 decisions a day.

And you’re the curious type? Astrology, Enneagram, Myers-Briggs,

Numerology, and essential oil elixir combos—

you’ve checked ‘em out, been there, done that.

They’re all interesting, but you’re looking for practicality.

What’s the point if you can’t make your daily life better, amiright?

How do you ~actually~ make decisions on the fly:

Your Image

“Is my system a better fit for YouTube or Pinterest as a traffic source?”

Your Image

“Do I launch THIS offer or THAT kind of offer?”

Your Image

“Is my body better fueled by a vegan diet … or a paleo diet?”

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“I’m ready to coach others, but how do I even get started…?”

ARGH. Talk about decision fatigue. Quantum Human Design stops this energy-draining mental spin.

The connection to our inner wisdom, the source of our best decision-making, frequently gets lost in the sea of outside noise.

What is Quantum Human Design? How does it work?

We help you restore the connection to your deep-down knowing because only you know what’s best for your life.

The problem is that traditional Human Design education is patchwork at best … dead wrong at worst.

Most of the education out there around the topic is dense tomes or history lessons … OR influencers & online educators talking it up with an emphasis on doom and gloom.

Exciting, yes, but with no industry regulation, ethics board, or set of standards … it leads to confusion, overwhelm, ineffective application, and then … worst of all…dismissal.

“Yup. I coulda called It. This Human Design stuff is just like the rest of the woo-woo.” (eyeroll).

Dismissal breaks my heart because it means you miss out on the one system that can literally improve every area of your life, from relationships to prosperity to physical well-being and more!

These issues are exactly why I stepped in to develop my signature Quantum Human Design curriculum more than 23 years ago.

It was time to shift Human Design into a strengths-based, positive approach using high-vibration affirming language to teach you how you’re built and how to put your energy blueprint into ACTION.

I took what worked from Human Design as it stood, things like—

Understanding your authentic life purpose

Knowing how to connect to and use your body's wisdom

Having access to your personal decision-making process that you can rely on

A system that elevates your life and so elevates the world

… after all, I was already seeing these elements skyrocket my own and my client’s abilities to meet their goals & create success.

But something was … missing.

So I started digging into sound frequencies, word triggers, neurological pathways, archetypes & thinking patterns—I was on a mission to find:

What was the common narrative that my clients were repeating to themselves?

And how could I challenge any intrusive negative thoughts or limiting beliefs and conditioned responses that were keeping them stuck and frustrated?

From there, I began to —

unravel the impact of our personal stories on the body

test and assess the vibrational frequency of the words we use

how to use high-frequency words and good quality personal narratives to create higher states of well-being

integrate conscious storytelling with Human Design to create an expanded way to take back control of your well-being, your wealth, your relationships, your career, your life path and more

And with that, the Quantum Human Design™ system was born.

It’s gone on to serve far more than 500,000 humans in over 60 countries.

It has become part of my Ph.D. research, and I have seen the world start bringing forth even more science that supports the transformative ability of this system and other energy systems on individual lives and the collective.

And I can confidently say that your work is needed now more than ever.

And now, I want to officially invite you to become certified to unlock this very same proven system in the people you love to experience.


The Quantum Human Design Certification