Quantum Human Design Family Coach Certification

Build a Career and Make a Lasting Impact by Transforming the Ways Families Thrive in Today’s World

There is nothing that will transform a culture more powerfully than strong family units.

Yet, in today’s rapidly changing world, families are dealing with more than ever before.

With the constant input, the conflicting messages, and the weight of decisions that have to be made, parents are facing an increasing amount of pressure.

But the struggle doesn’t have to be so prevailing.

We know the power of Quantum Human Design in the lives of adults.

What if we could teach families how to leverage the same principles so they could create a unique parenting plan for each of their unique children?

What if we could give them the tools they need to address the most difficult behaviors that come up in a way that is perfectly suited for their individual children’s needs?

What if we could give parents the skills to do their own healing work so they don’t have to bring their past into the way they parent their children today?


After years of studying child development, working with families, mapping out the foundations of Quantum Human Design, and raising 8 children of my own, I’ve put together the most comprehensive certification for those who want to make a career out of helping families thrive.

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Lynne Cutthorn's testimonial...

A Waldorf teacher in Brooklyn, New York, has this to say about her work with Karen…

"I just want to thank you for creating the Family Coach Training. You are masterful at pulling together valuable information from so many pertinent domains and synthesizing it into a cohesive body of knowledge. Our time together flew by due to your skillful weaving of practical information with visionary understandings. It was a joy to be a participant and to experience your insights, your openness to questions, and your thoughtful responses. You are incredibly generous with your attentiveness, materials, natural warmth, and affirmations of who we are and what each of us has to bring. It's so clear that you love what you do! ....Thank you, Dear One, for being you and for being a true teacher."

Quantum Human Design Family Coach Certification

The premier certification for those who want to build a business that serves families through the power of Quantum Human Design.

This certification is based on evidence-supported practices in the fields of child development AND Human Design.

Much of what you see out there in the world of Human Design—if not filtered through what we know about basic human development—can actually be harmful to children and lead to even more challenging behaviors.

However, when you bring these two worlds together, help build custom parenting plans, and support families through the process of implementing their plans, you have the incredible ability to make REAL change that improves the quality of life for EVERYONE involved.

Add to that our marketing and business development sections of the certification, and you’ve got everything you need to build a fulfilling, meaningful career as a paid Family Coach.

Inside the Quantum Human Design Family Coach Certification, you will learn:

Current evolutionary trends in children, including:

Common behavioral manifestations of children.

Common challenges facing families TODAY as they raise their children in a chaotic world

The impact that Quantum Human Design has on family structure and function

How to use the Family Coaching Model to support and encourage modern families

Foundational principles of child development and the development of the family, including information about:

Pregnancy and childbirth.

Child development and discipline; moving into a model of democratic parenting vs. autocratic or permissive parenting.

Misbehavior and its causes.

Chakra development in children.

Brain development and the impact it has on behavior, learning and communication.

Family developmental issues.

Teens and their unique issues.

The spiritual life of children and how it impacts development, sleep, and education.

How to use various assessment tools, including:

Your intuition

DAT (Draw a Tree)

Quantum Human Design

You will develop a preliminary understanding of the Quantum Human Design system and learn to use it to:

Pinpoint potential areas of strength and vulnerability in individual family members

Teach family members to engage in respectful conversation

Understand the unique makeup of each member of the family to determine how to help them live in harmony

You will learn how to support and become advocates for families in the school system, including:

Right-brain learning strategies

Educational alternatives and options

The rights of families within the public school system​​

Your certification will allow you to: